Parrish Street Clinic

Making A Difference In The Community:


Through Providing Expert Forensic Psychological Services, Behavioral Risk Assessment and Safety Investigations
for the Civil & Criminal Justice System.



PO Box 10901;Raleigh, NC27605-0901

Phone: 919-424-6840 Y 919-683-3600





ERRATA & LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that there is a lot of false and misleading information presented on the internet. Although we try to ask people and websites to correct inaccuracies and misrepresentations when they come to our attention, we do not have the resources to constantly monitor the internet. This is especially true of rogue internet directory sites, insurance sites, and social networking sites that report outdated and/or erroneous information and donít respond to our communications about needed corrections. Consequently, we are not responsible for and disclaim any liability for misstatements or misleading representations made by anyone not currently employed by Parrish Street Clinic about individual or organizational affiliations or past history with the Clinic and misinformation about the Clinic and what we do, whether on the internet or elsewhere. Before relying upon outside information regarding Parrish Street Clinic, our operations, and current or former officers and employees obtained from other sources, verification of that information should be obtained from the Executive Office at extension 705: Dr. Timothy Hancock, Executive Director of Parrish Street Clinic.


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